A self-described tea aficionado, Scott founded and launched TeaMinded in 2011 as a place to document his tea tasting notes and learnings. He first realized his appreciation for tea while on a trip with his wife to London, England. It was on this trip that he enjoyed a “proper” cup of English tea via a lovely Afternoon Tea experience (note: if you’re wondering what Afternoon Tea is all about, we have an explanation here). Scott then began tasting and discovering teas from across the globe, becoming a tea writer and educator. While he has an appreciation for all tea, green teas and ceremonial matcha from Japan are among his favorites (and arrive often, and in abundance, at his home in Southern California to this day). Scott’s grateful to be immersed in the tea community, always learning and sharing along the journey.

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Angela is the founder of Destination Tea, the U.S. Afternoon Tea Directory. Angela writes and speaks about afternoon tea history, etiquette and customs, in celebration and promotion of this beautiful tradition. Having reviewed more than 100 tearooms at home and abroad, Angela develops content for afternoon tea newcomers and aficionados alike, including pictorial tearoom reviews, resources for hosting a tea party at home, virtual tea party activity sets and afternoon tea basics for beginners.

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Melanie is a writer and educator from Singapore. Her love for tea started at the age of nine when her Dad made her a cup of English Breakfast. Since then, she’s grown to love tea from all over the world and is especially interested in Chinese and Japanese teas, which she focusses on here at TeaMinded. She pairs teas with books over at @melteabooks on Instagram. 

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Lina is the head of Graphic Design at Friendship Organics. In her free time, you’ll find her balcony gardening or finding a new favorite board game. 

Friendship Organics’ commitment to the environment and all of its inhabitants is reflected in the company’s choices — using only the finest organic ingredients to create unique blends, compostable/recyclable packaging, and Fair Trade Certified products. Clear conscience, high standards, delicious teas is what Lina and her team are all about, and these are the types of topics she explores here on TeaMinded.

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