Is Professional Carpet Cleaning Better Than Doing It Yourself?

Meeting room with gray carpeted floor and large glass doors

There are two main ways of cleaning the carpet: Doing it yourself or hiring a professional to clean it. These methods have advantages and disadvantages; each option can be suitable depending on the user’s preference and situation. Is professional carpet cleaning better than doing it yourself, and if so, why? Is Professional Carpet Cleaning Better … Read more

Is It Worth Getting Carpets Professionally Cleaned?

Close up view of white carpet fibers

The appearance of a clean carpet improves the mood of those in the house and helps maintain a healthy living environment. Regularly deep-cleaning carpets ensure that dirt and debris don’t accumulate, which can damage the carpet. So, is it worth getting carpets professionally cleaned, or should you do it yourself? Is it Worth Getting Carpets … Read more

What Is the Best Method of Carpet Cleaning?

Person with black latex gloves washing the carpet with brush and soap

Cleaning your carpet can be difficult, as many different cleaning methods exist. You want a method to ensure your carpet is clean and fresh without any adverse effects. So, what is the best method of carpet cleaning that is safe and effective? What Is the Best Method of Carpet Cleaning? The best method of cleaning … Read more

How Long Does It Take To Have Carpets Professionally Cleaned?

Three professional cleaning team holding vacuum cleaners and a mop at a client's living room

Carpet cleaning is a common practice that every homeowner should consider doing to have a comfortable and healthy home. Regular carpet cleaning benefits you and your family, especially when done by a professional. The question, though, is, how long does it take to have carpets professionally cleaned? How Long Does it Take to Have Carpets … Read more